Saturday, 14 April 2012

We're all M.A.D here!

M.A.D Festival was crazy enough to drive everyone mad! All I have been seeing on Facebook is M.A.D. It is everywhere! On everybody's wall, status, and mind. I myself have not been able to stop thinking about it. Wish this 3 day long fest never came to an end.
The fest was as beautiful as the place it was in, Ooty (Tamil Nadu). It took place in the Fernhill Palace gardens and woods. The woods, gardens and lawns of the Palace made me wonder the royal kickass life of the Maharaja of Mysore! ^_^
It kind of revived my desire of being a Princess. :P
Anyway getting back to the festival, It was a total madness. I do not know what I loved the most about it but I am just not able to stop dreaming about it.

Music + Art + Dance + Food + Bazaar + Bar + Non-tolerable cold weather + Beautiful view = Wohoooo! :D

I was a volunteer at the Puma Social Stall, we had free games, T-shirt printing (Screen printing), Photo Corner with cute Puma props where we also gave a free print to the people who got themselves clicked. My friend Debjyoti (Call him Dj and find him here was the official Puma Social Photographer at the fest.
Loved the different styles people posed in. Total fun it was to watch them! :P

My part was to write down everyone’s name and details who won the fixed game (different one for each day) and would get a T-shirt printed for free! It was crazy. It used to get so crowded! But I loved my job, I got to meet and talk to so many nice people (Some of the guys were so damn cute. Gosh! :P) and it was fun when you see the same faces for like 3 days, there for a free T-shirt. So cute! :P

The festival saw performances by some amazing bands. In fact all of them were so good, unique in their own way. There was Alternative/Pop Rock (Spud In The Box), Parody (Live Banned), Contemporary Folk (Indian Ocean & The Raghu Dixit Project), Electro-acoustic (Schizophonic), Electronic (Sulk Station), Folk + Contemporary (La Pongal), Alternative (The Bicycle days), it was all there. (I really cannot write down all the names here, but all of them were wonderful!)

How can I forget the pretty humble tribes of The Nilgiris. It was good to see the different dance and music styles, their unique way of dressing and all the women of a particular tribe in the same hairdo. Each day the invocation was done by a different tribe of the Nilgiris, on both the stages, ‘Calaloo’ and ‘Blubaloo’.

It was one trip to remember.
From meeting the cranky cab driver and then being in good terms with him by the end, his weird activities and tantrums and mid night stopping in nowhere on the roads, to the ghost story sessions, spotting the beautiful birds and animals in the Bandipur Forest area, shouting at each other early morning to get up and get going for the fest, bathing in chilling water (sadly there was a timing for hot water and the geyser did not work anyway), scorching sun, the freaking cold with drizzles now and then, the amazing band performances, beer, exorbitant rates of food, yummy dosa breakfast at this small place called ‘Zamzam’, the Puma T-shirts, Cute guys and giggling about them, taking pictures with the Band guys, the girly times spent with my friends Ayesha and Pooja, the breath-taking views around us, meeting some amazing people and making friends, the bonfire and people singing and dancing around on the last day, till the goodbye kiss to one of the trees in the woods (Yes! I did that), legendarily epic it was, the best trip ever!
Mind-blowing I would call it!
It is great seeing such festivals taking place, and good amount of people turning up to make it such a success!

Here are few pictures that I took during the fest. Leaving my job, I would run with my camera towards the stage, each time a performance started. :P


Finally there.

Guess who?!

Indian Ocean

Attention Seeker

Live Banned

Isha Sharvani's group

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