Sunday, 24 February 2013

For 'Funky Dori' : Part III

Here is the 3rd post for 'Funky Dori' as mentioned earlier.
I have always this thing for huge hoop earrings. How pretty they look and love how they add a touch of boldness to your attire.
In the pictures I am wearing these lovely bead earrings by Funky Dori.
It's got these bright colored beads, candy beads! ^_^

I wore the earrings with this black crop top and black cropped pants, to highlight the lovely colors. Tied a scarf around my hair and in footwear I am wearing my fav Kolhapuris. To brighten the look I am carrying my red bag.

If you like the jewelries in the posts, then visit the links and place an order right away! :D

The Drama Neck piece : Find it here.
The Ghungroo Bracelet : Find it here.
The Earrings : Find it here.

Funky Dori on Facebook

Photography : Debjyoti Das
Thank you so much for taking such wonderful pictures. :)

Bead Earrings : Funky Dori
Crop Top and Cropped Pants : Tibetan Plaza
Scarf : Street shopping
Bag :
Kolhapuris : Lifestyle Store

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Friday, 22 February 2013

For 'Funky Dori' : Part II

So, here is the 2nd post about the collaboration with 'Funky Dori'.
You can see the first part here.

Taking you to the pictures, this beautiful bracelet was one of jewelries sent to me by 'Funky Dori'. Love the combination of Brown beads and the golden Ghunguroos.
I styled it up with this fav skirt of mine worn as a dress here, and with an electric blue stockings. To complete the look, I have this beautiful scarf gifted to me by a very close friend and I am wearing these brown embroidered mojaries, in footwear.
I absolutely love how the entire look turned out! :)

Hope you like it too! :)

3rd Part coming up very soon!

Photography : Debjyoti Das

Bracelet : Funky Dori
Skirt : Splash
Stockings : Tibetan Plaza

Scarf : Gifted
Mojaries : Dastkar

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

For 'Funky Dori' : Part I

I have told you guys about this brand called 'Funky Dori' here before.
Funky Dori has a very splendid collection of bright and beautiful jewelries. The collection has very pretty Earrings, Neck pieces, Rings, Bracelets and Pendants and a lot more that can brighten up your ensemble!

And now taking you to the pictures, I received a few beautiful jewelries from Funky Dori, a few days back. I am totally in love with the pieces, specially this neckpiece here.
Was so excited that I styled all the jewelries and finished the shoot in like 3 hours, thanks to my photographer for being so co-operative! ^^

Here I am wearing this beautiful Drama Neckpiece with a Navy Blue top and have wrapped around this gorgeous brocade fabric with Barouqe-ish motifs as a high waist skirt. I used this fabric for making a garment last semester And now this reminds me, I still have to put up a post about it. :D
And in footwear, I am wearing my black suede wedges, which completes the look.

Enjoy the pictures now! :)

View their collection here :
Facebook : :

Top :
Neck Piece : Funky Dori
Skirt : Fabric Draping
Wedges : Tibetan Plaza

Photography : Debjyoti Das

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Saturday, 16 February 2013

For my undying love

The bewitching fashion of the 70s!
Totally love this glamorous era, just cannot get over the obsession, the Wide-legged, Flared jeans, Disco style, Cigarette-legged jeans, The hippie look, Three piece suit, Jumpsuits, Large sunglasses, everything that has been a major fashion hit, evolved during the 1960-1970s.

And the beautiful songs, they take to some other world. And get me so overwhelmed with these mixed emotions I cannot explain! :P

Oh, how I wish of being a part of this era, or at least keep visiting now and then, like time travel! ^^

I feel so strongly connected to this glamorous period. Okay, now I am all jittery, and will not stop if I don't now. :/

So, now enjoy the pictures.

This is for my love, the undying love for the 70s. :)

Palazzo Pants :
White Crop Top : Tibetan Plaza
Mirror Ring : Splash
Block Heels : Tibetan Plaza
Pearl Necklace : DIY

Photography : Debjyoti Das

PS : So happy to tell you all that I have been featured in The Students Magazine, take a look here.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

For What I Wear : Bangalore Fashion Week - Part II - Runway Chic

Okay, I know it's a little late, but as they say, it's never too late, right! So, here are a few pictures from the fashion show, my favorites.

Now I will let the pictures do the talking, hope you enjoy the pictures! :)

Ambrish Damani

Niki Mahajan

Archana Kochhar

Ramesh Dembla

Abhishek Dutta

Rina Dhaka


Ritu Kumar