Sunday, 3 February 2013

For 'What I Wear' : Part I - Street Chic

I was the Blogger Representative of, at the Bangalore Fashion Week, Summer/Spring 8th Edition which took place from 25th-28th of January'13.
It was absolutely wonderful, and I would thank the entire team of for the same.
Not like I have never been to BFW before, but this was different. With a Camera and a Media Pass, it absolutely was different. Inspecting people from Head to Toe, walking around and staring at everyone, I felt like a Fashion Cop! ^.^

(Let's not even talk about my previous experiences at BFW. I remember working backstage. Chaotic! I shouldn't go in to the details now, could be quite controversial! :P)

Getting back to this time, to be frank, I wasn't exactly very happy with everything there. Be it, how the people were dressed, or their knowledge about Fashion Show/Designers.
(No, I am not being too judgmental.)

Well, surprisingly guys around were dressed splendid, which is not something you see everyday here.

Anyway, I sure did find some lovely people, beautifully dressed-lovely people!

So, now I will let you enjoy the pictures. :)



 Binita and Dimple



 Anamika and Mini

PS : A
nother post about the Runway, coming up soon!

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