Thursday, 27 June 2013

Razzle Dazzle Pickle for 'Romwe' : Summer Sale

I am jumping out of joy as I write this post! I know, you guessed it right! I shopped from Romwe again, ordered this supercool 'Super Hero Print Beachwear' along with some other cool stuff. 
I CANNOT wait! :P

You should not miss the joy, go ahead and shop from their Summer Sale which ends in a few hours! :)
Flash Sale! Up to 70% off on summer items!
Valid from 25/06/2013 – 27/06/2013

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Monday, 24 June 2013

Never let me go

"Tell me that you need me more and more everyday,
Never let me go, just stay"

Yes, I am a huge fan of Lana Del Rey! :)

Before I start blabbering about love for the pretty woman, I will take you to the look. I absolutely love this Floral Corset Top from Choies, was meaning to own something like this since forever!

Teamed it up with plain black jeggings and blue cardigan, adding a lot of colors! :)
Not fogetting to mention the beautiful weather and the rain-sunshine game, I had a wonderful time while shooting this look.

Do tell me what you think about the same!

Photography : Debjyoti Das  (that Photographer with Headphones)

Vintage Floral Corset Vest : (Buy Here)
Jeggings and Wedges : Tibetan Plaza
Bag : Bata
Watch : UCB
Accessories : Here and There
Blue Cardigan : Code

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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Razzle Dazzle Pickle for 'Romwe' : Crazy Leggings Sale

Another exciting sale, Romwe is offering a flash sale on 200 crazy leggings! 

$19.99 Flash Sale on 200 Crazy Leggings
Valid dates: 06/18 – 06/20/2013
Hurry, Shop here! :)

Happy Weekend! :D

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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Thinking about you, bout us

I am still in the 'Quiet phase', given I have not been getting much time to relax. Never understood why were weekends such a big deal for people, and now after living the office life and travelling for 4-5 hours everyday, I surely do. :P
Yeah, I have complaining too much about the same thing. Well, I absolutely love the work, but then hate the fact that I have no time left in a day to do anything else.

Also, life has been very chaotic lately, emotionally, totally collapsed into it! :/

After all this, still have something to be happy about! The look! :)
And that reminds me, I have been observing a change in my taste lately, like a style evolution in process, ever since I got the haircut! Well, you shall see the change too, hopefully! :)

Pleated Skirt, Cuff Neon Vest : Tibetan Plaza
Heels : Carlton London
Bag : Bata

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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Razzle Dazzle Pickle for 'Romwe' : US National Day Sale

So, people are celebrating all around the world. Chinese have the Dragon Boat Festival.  It is a traditional and statutory holiday in China.  The focus of the celebrations includes eating rice dumpling which is called zongzi in China, drinking realgar wine, and racing dragon boats! Exciting right! :D

During these holidays, Romwe will have a Big Sale for the American national day in advance!

American National Day Sale at Romwe!

Time: 06/11/2013 – 06/15/2013

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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Concrete Jungle

And finally an outfit post, been so long!
This is absolutely one of my favorites, because this is so me! Because
when it comes to dressing, I always keep comfort on top!
Loose T shirt and shorts, I could dress up the same way everyday! :P

Would love to know what you think about it!

T shirt : Choies (Shop here)
Shorts and Wedges: Tibetan Plaza
Clutch Bag : Van Heusen

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Razzle Dazzle Pickle for 'Romwe' : Pretty Pictures II

It's a superb day today right! I got back early from office and the world seems like a much happier place today! :P
And thus to make your weekend a little more happier, I am here with 7 more pictures from Romwe!

Enjoy! :)

 1. Super Hero Print Swimwear:



Happy Weekend people! :)
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Thursday, 6 June 2013

'Razzle Dazzle Pickle' at the launch of 'StyleTag' with 'Manish Malhotra'

It's been a while that I have been meaning to put up these pictures. But then have been so busy with this internship and by the time I am back, so exhausted already. Miss being able to blog frequently, and also the Outfit Posts. But I promise a new outfit post will be up soon! :)

Getting back to where I started from, these people were very kind to invite me to the launch of StyleTag, with Manish Malhotra, celebrating 100 years of Indian Cinema, along with this silent auction by Embassy Grove and Parikrma Humanity Foundation!

Will tell you a little about StyleTag in case you guys do not already know about it. is an online destination focusing on stylish and sophisticated merchandise sourced from leading designers! 

And at their launch, the city saw a one-of-a-kind launch at the luxurious and classy Embassy Grove that evening amidst glitz and glamour of designer fashion. Manish Malhotra, India’s renowned fashion couturier, presented a fabulous show in Bengaluru to mark the launch of Styletag. The fashion show – ‘100 years of Indian Cinema’ – displayed the timelessness of Indian movies, the elegance, the exquisiteness and the luxury of it all which is synonymous with Styletag.

The who’s-who from Bengaluru joined Styletag to celebrate the launch occasion. Seen having a good time were Nandini Alva, Vinita Chaitanya, Betsy Alexander, Anju & Ajay Nanavati, Gautam Maini, Prasad Bidappa, Radha Thomas, Ramji Chandran, amongst others.

It was indeed a wonderful night, one of the very memorable ones!
The show was stupendous and how can I forget the lively performance by the band 'One Nite Stand', who made sure that everyone was up on their feet and dancing by the end of the event!

A special thanks to Media Moments, for making me a part of this splendid event, which they managed and hosted in a flawless manner!

The night showcased a mix of fashion, music and art, which, the guests remarked, was undeniably worthy of celebrating ‘100 years of Indian cinema’.

Taking you to the pictures now, enjoy! :)

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Razzle Dazzle Pickle' for 'Romwe' : Mid-Season Sale Reminder

I told you guys about this massive Mid Season Sale on Romwe, a couple of days back

Thought I should remind you guys about the same! I do not want you to miss out on this joy! :D

These are a few of the items on Sale, like it? :D

Then visit the website now! 
You have over 1000 of styles to choose from and also you get up to 70% off! 
Valid date 06/01~06/07/2013


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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Razzle Dazzle Pickle for 'Style Mynt Makeovers' : Edition 3

So, the winners of the Style Mynt Makeover by Myntra for the month of May were announced a few days back, and these lucky people were called to the Myntra Office and they were given this special makeover that they were looking for! :)

Will come to their thoughts and reactions later, I was pretty much shocked myself after seeing the change.
They surely did turn heads and Myntra is doing a great job, turning people into headturners! :)

 I was busy with something on the day and thus missed the chance of meeting these guys who came in for the 3rd Edition of the Makeover.
Talking about Deepthi's makeover first, who happens to be one of my readers, doesn't she look absolutely gorgeous now? Deepthi, a second year Law Student at the prestigious National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata (NUJS), applied for the makeover through my blog. 

She is turning 20 next month and thus wanted to leave the 'old her' behind and wanted to fix her wardrobe!
Deepthi wanted copious doses on style injected into her personality, she was looking for a complete change and I am sure she is still enjoying her new look! 

 A chic new bob replacing her curly mop of hair, a super cool neon colour blocked look and a new pair of heels (not to forget some generous doses of drama, with Deepthi’s folks just not willing to let her lop off her hair etc) later, Deepthi had turned into a young fashionista.

Discussing about the drama I heard about, makes me regret not making it to the office on the day of makeover! :P

Talking about the second winner now, Shashwath was recommended the Style Mynt makeovers by his colleague Samyak Jain, who was part of the previous makeover, which you can see here
Shashwath was looking for a touch of fun and liveliness to his looks!
And thus for Shashwath, a pair of printed bermudas, a crisp striped (remember stripes are all the rage this season) shirt, leather sandals and a funky neck piece did the trick.

Coming to the reactions, While Deepthi couldn’t believe her eyes when she opened them after the makeover, Shashwath called in to say his wife screamed with joy when she saw him.

Well, that brings us all to an happy ending with two new people leading fashionably happy lives! :D

 Get the look

Deepthi :

Shashwath : 

You can watch the fabulous makeover video too! :)

Video and Photos by

You can read about the makeover on StyleMynt here.

Watch the video on Youtube.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

'Razzle Dazzle Pickle' for 'Romwe' : Mid-Season Sale

Do you guys remember the Memorial Day sale by Romwe
Well, there were complaints that the sale was too short and also there were not too many items.
 So guess what! They are here with a great mid-season sale to feed your desire! It will be much bigger and longer than before. 
 We select more than 1000 products for the sale and it will lasts 7 days.

  Over 1000 styles with up to 70% off
 Valid date: 06/01~06/07/2013

Shop here: Mid Season Sale

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