Thursday, 6 June 2013

'Razzle Dazzle Pickle' at the launch of 'StyleTag' with 'Manish Malhotra'

It's been a while that I have been meaning to put up these pictures. But then have been so busy with this internship and by the time I am back, so exhausted already. Miss being able to blog frequently, and also the Outfit Posts. But I promise a new outfit post will be up soon! :)

Getting back to where I started from, these people were very kind to invite me to the launch of StyleTag, with Manish Malhotra, celebrating 100 years of Indian Cinema, along with this silent auction by Embassy Grove and Parikrma Humanity Foundation!

Will tell you a little about StyleTag in case you guys do not already know about it. is an online destination focusing on stylish and sophisticated merchandise sourced from leading designers! 

And at their launch, the city saw a one-of-a-kind launch at the luxurious and classy Embassy Grove that evening amidst glitz and glamour of designer fashion. Manish Malhotra, India’s renowned fashion couturier, presented a fabulous show in Bengaluru to mark the launch of Styletag. The fashion show – ‘100 years of Indian Cinema’ – displayed the timelessness of Indian movies, the elegance, the exquisiteness and the luxury of it all which is synonymous with Styletag.

The who’s-who from Bengaluru joined Styletag to celebrate the launch occasion. Seen having a good time were Nandini Alva, Vinita Chaitanya, Betsy Alexander, Anju & Ajay Nanavati, Gautam Maini, Prasad Bidappa, Radha Thomas, Ramji Chandran, amongst others.

It was indeed a wonderful night, one of the very memorable ones!
The show was stupendous and how can I forget the lively performance by the band 'One Nite Stand', who made sure that everyone was up on their feet and dancing by the end of the event!

A special thanks to Media Moments, for making me a part of this splendid event, which they managed and hosted in a flawless manner!

The night showcased a mix of fashion, music and art, which, the guests remarked, was undeniably worthy of celebrating ‘100 years of Indian cinema’.

Taking you to the pictures now, enjoy! :)

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