Sunday, 25 May 2014

The Wait

She's taking her time making up 
the reasons 
To justify all the hurt inside 
Guess she knows from the smile 
and the look in their eyes 
Everyone's got a theory about the 
bitter one 

But somewhere in a private place 
She packs her bags for outer space 
And now she's waiting for the right 
kind of pilot to come 
And she'll say to him 
She's saying. 

I would fly to the moon & back if 
you'll be.. 
If you'll be my baby 
Got a ticket for a world where we 
So would you be my baby? 

So baby's gonna take a dive and 
Push the shift to overdrive 
Send a signal that she's hanging 
All her hopes on the stars 
What a pleasant dream 
Just saying 


This song has been in my head for quite sometime now, thanks to a very dear friend. 
So, here is a series of pictures depicting 'The Wait'. :)
Also, wasn't exactly intentional to do so, but I like how it turned out, and needless to say it happened because the song has been at the back of my mind. :D

Neon Crop Vest : Zara
Maxi Sirt : Splash
Denim Shirt : Thrifted
Footwear : Forever New
Earrings : DIY
Lip Color : Sultry Pink by Colorbar
Watch : Gifted

Shot at Cafe Mondo, a big thank you to the cafe staff. 

Friday, 16 May 2014

Crystal Trail

Swarovski. Just the name is powerful enough to pull you into their sparkling world! And imagine my excitement when I was invited to visit their kiosk at Orion Mall. Very well thought of, they have 12 brands that use Swarovski elements in their products, together in one place. The brands are : 
Kamya, E-Studio, Kaanch, Deepam Silks, PN Rao, Estelle, Ruze, Divinity, Ministry of Lights, Violante, Deetya and Bharat Potteries.

It is just perfect that each company dealing with different lifestyle products have come together to make this gorgeous kiosk which attracts everyone entering the mall. Giving space to different merchandises meeting everyone's needs, there are Sarees with intricate Swarovski elements, stupendous Paintings of various deities studded with the Swarovski elements, and there are Stoles, Jewelries, Home decor items, all dazzling with swarovski elements. 

And this isn't all, they also have a DIY section put by the brand Kaanch, where you can make anything out of the elements put on display. Be it a necklace, a pendant, a bracelet or earrings. Just pick your favourite piece of Swarovski piece and see the piece brought into shape, by the jewellery master there. 

I got a pretty pair of pink stone earrings made! :D
A dazzling experience to sum it all up! Visit Orion Mall soon to to experience the same. 

I love group pictures. (Even if making it possible involves chasing each one of them for a while and finally getting them all in one place.) :D

Special thanks to Mr. Mohammed and PR Pundit

Friday, 9 May 2014

Down the Hill

I have this insuppressible urge to travel. I have this dream, a daydream to be particular, where I just imagine myself sitting on a hill top, with nothing but nature around. Valleys, water and fresh air. Staring at this parched dry tree outside my house and the squirrels jumping around, gives me immense happiness. And then I wonder how freaking exciting it would be to be amidst the nature, with no one to disturb and with no other chores or work to be done. Wow!(Read : Sigh)
Well, I think I have to wait for a little bit, to quench this desire. 

Also, I realised (not exactly the first time that I have had this feeling) that I need to be a little immodest in life. I happened to visit Forever New Store, which had a Sale going on. And my my. I was almost run over by the swarm of excited women. Not once. Again and again. Freak. 

And with all these unmanageable and wild feelings, there is boredom to be dealt with. So, I decided to get back to my hobby of fidgeting with things lying in the house. And the first target was my wardrobe. This hobby has certainly been passed down to me by my mom. I didn't have to dig in much. Discovered (again) a few tops that I hardly use, and which are in a pretty good condition btw. This black t shirt was lying in peace, for more than 2 years now. So here is what I did! Chop. Chop. Paint. Dab. Paint. And Voila! :D
Finally some use of the zillion textures I made during the painful modules in college. :D 

And now that I have finished writing, I see I have spoken about quite a lot of things in a single post. Don't blame me for the randomness. There is something crazy in the air around me.

DIY Crop Top - Razzle Dazzle Pickle

I quite like the way it looks! Actually I Looooouuve it! =D

Crop Top : DIY
Denims : Vero Moda
Trainers : NIKE
Shades : Borrowed
Bag : Romwe
Bracelets : Toniq
Lipp Color : Sultry Pink by Colorbar

Monday, 5 May 2014

Checkered Blues

Bun Maska, such an interesting name, that's what I thought once I received a mail from them. And then I went through their collection, since then I have been obsessed with a few bags, no kidding. They all look so chic! Let me be frank, it feels great when you find a piece that fits in your lifestyle so well, without spending big bucks! It sure does. 
So, the sweet people at Bun Maska sent me a bag. I was pretty excited about how I could experiment different looks with this number. And here is what I did when I received it. I got a few friends to pose for me. Different people. Different professions. Different looks. And one bag. And as much as I thought this unisex bag lived up to my expectations, and went well with each outfit. No disappointments. I like how the bag has not been made by the exact measurements of a particular laptop size. 
Big enough that even after placing a laptop in, there is still some place to store all the other accessories. Charger, cables, headphones, magazines, diaries and maybe some make up too? Big spacious compartments suiting every need. Also, a very basic pattern that never goes wrong, Madras Check. Perfect for travel, when you need to have all the essentials with you. Crafted with finest cotton material, the colours are just apt for summers I think. 

Tayfun Kuzey
| Model |

Ritu Arya
| Style Blogger - Stylist - Design Graduate |

Devesh Pant
| Stylist - Photographer - Design Graduate |

Debjyoti Das
| Disc Jockey - Photographer - Design Graduate |

Photography : Debjyoti Das and Ritu Arya

I am sure you hate that boring black laptop bag that you own. :P
Bun Maska on Facebook