Sunday, 25 May 2014

The Wait

She's taking her time making up 
the reasons 
To justify all the hurt inside 
Guess she knows from the smile 
and the look in their eyes 
Everyone's got a theory about the 
bitter one 

But somewhere in a private place 
She packs her bags for outer space 
And now she's waiting for the right 
kind of pilot to come 
And she'll say to him 
She's saying. 

I would fly to the moon & back if 
you'll be.. 
If you'll be my baby 
Got a ticket for a world where we 
So would you be my baby? 

So baby's gonna take a dive and 
Push the shift to overdrive 
Send a signal that she's hanging 
All her hopes on the stars 
What a pleasant dream 
Just saying 


This song has been in my head for quite sometime now, thanks to a very dear friend. 
So, here is a series of pictures depicting 'The Wait'. :)
Also, wasn't exactly intentional to do so, but I like how it turned out, and needless to say it happened because the song has been at the back of my mind. :D

Neon Crop Vest : Zara
Maxi Sirt : Splash
Denim Shirt : Thrifted
Footwear : Forever New
Earrings : DIY
Lip Color : Sultry Pink by Colorbar
Watch : Gifted

Shot at Cafe Mondo, a big thank you to the cafe staff. 


  1. Your post reminded me of all Savage garden songs and now they are on loop..beautiful outfit too!

  2. hey , that's a beautiful post and your hair looks irresistible. please do a tutorial on how you do your hair. so gorgeous!