Friday, 16 May 2014

Crystal Trail

Swarovski. Just the name is powerful enough to pull you into their sparkling world! And imagine my excitement when I was invited to visit their kiosk at Orion Mall. Very well thought of, they have 12 brands that use Swarovski elements in their products, together in one place. The brands are : 
Kamya, E-Studio, Kaanch, Deepam Silks, PN Rao, Estelle, Ruze, Divinity, Ministry of Lights, Violante, Deetya and Bharat Potteries.

It is just perfect that each company dealing with different lifestyle products have come together to make this gorgeous kiosk which attracts everyone entering the mall. Giving space to different merchandises meeting everyone's needs, there are Sarees with intricate Swarovski elements, stupendous Paintings of various deities studded with the Swarovski elements, and there are Stoles, Jewelries, Home decor items, all dazzling with swarovski elements. 

And this isn't all, they also have a DIY section put by the brand Kaanch, where you can make anything out of the elements put on display. Be it a necklace, a pendant, a bracelet or earrings. Just pick your favourite piece of Swarovski piece and see the piece brought into shape, by the jewellery master there. 

I got a pretty pair of pink stone earrings made! :D
A dazzling experience to sum it all up! Visit Orion Mall soon to to experience the same. 

I love group pictures. (Even if making it possible involves chasing each one of them for a while and finally getting them all in one place.) :D

Special thanks to Mr. Mohammed and PR Pundit

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