Sunday, 13 May 2012

Old School

Today has been a busy day! Tons of Shoots since I got up. Have a Paper tomorrow and haven't done Squat! But again, bah! I will survive, plus there is nothing like putting on your favorite stuff together and getting clicked! :P
And during all of this I found time to dress up and do a shoot for myself. :)
I got these shoes recently and I am totally in love with the color! =D
The Bright Sunlight and the Pretty weather was like perfect! 

Photography Credits : Debjyoti Das (

White T Shirt : Puma
Denim Suspenders : Local Boutique
Bag : Local Boutique
Shoes : Nike
Bow : Handmade

Friday, 11 May 2012

The Sexy Affair

Helen (Helen Richardson Khan), a very fine actress and the most popular Item girl of her times, also called the 'Queen of Nautch Girls' has always been a pleasure to watch. There has been no item girl in Bollywood till date who could be better than her, at least that is what I think! Sensuous, Bubbly, Loud and yet Elegant, so was her persona.

I did a shoot which was 'Helen' inspired, for my friend Debjyoti Das (As I have mentioned earlier, find him here -
We did this shoot at my place, using this wall as a backdrop, where I have these LP Records stuck on the wall. And that was like perfect to add a peck of Retroism, along with the Guitar in the Background.
We used this shiny Sequinned fabric (borrowed from a friend) and draped it over another Sequinned dress of mine. And did a 70s inspired Hair do, used a Ear loop as Nose Ring (That hurt a lot, seriously) to show connections with the typical Indian Nautch. Also teamed it up with a huge Blingy finger Ring and this beautiful Tiara. (Was really happy to finally wear it and get clicked. :P)
We used no other jewels on the body apart from the above mentioned, to keep the look very sophisticated and minimal.
I stood barefoot, to emphasize the Sensuous element.

Debjyoti, the photographer and me. :P

Styling : Me and Debjyoti Das
Photography : Debjyoti Das

Sequinned Fabric : Borrowed
Sequinned Dress : Local Boutique
Tiara : Archies
Ear Loop (Used as Nose Ring) : Street Shop
Finger Ring : Splash

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Take me away, a secret place

 I have always been in love with 'Christian Weddings'. Love everything about it. 
Christian wedding has always fascinated me since I was young. I have always had a dream of having 
such a wedding where I am wearing a stunningly beautiful white gown which would be the prettiest one anyone would ever see!
The white color flowers, light festive environment, the huge cake, walking down the aisle, the other half waiting at the other end, the peek a boo veil, ‘I-do’ part, all this is so dreamy!


Here is a picture of a Mood Board that I made on 'Wedding' theme for a college assignment. I named it 'All things Pretty'. :)

I was all ecstatic when these pretty friends of mine asked me to do a wedding like themed shoot for them. I wore this pretty off white Gown made by one of my college mates, along with a net veil. The location was this lake kind of place near our college.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Winning Post! =)

Today was a usual boring day, and I bunked the morning sessions and decided to sleep instead, for longer.  And then after getting up, I log in on Facebook, given the addiction, as we all know. I am texting a friend and the number of my notifications increase by 1, I click and since then the day has been a crazy one, with loads of work, excitement and a peck of restlessness! :D
I was tagged in the notification by 'Lomography India' saying I won the contest. I just couldn't believe it. Screamed the place down!! =)
So. I have sent my Postal Address, now all I have to do is wait for the Super Duper Cool 'Action Sampler'. Can't wait for it! :)

This is what I get and look at the cool effects! :D

Check out the Contest page here :

And my winning look on Facebook :