Sunday, 6 May 2012

Take me away, a secret place

 I have always been in love with 'Christian Weddings'. Love everything about it. 
Christian wedding has always fascinated me since I was young. I have always had a dream of having 
such a wedding where I am wearing a stunningly beautiful white gown which would be the prettiest one anyone would ever see!
The white color flowers, light festive environment, the huge cake, walking down the aisle, the other half waiting at the other end, the peek a boo veil, ‘I-do’ part, all this is so dreamy!


Here is a picture of a Mood Board that I made on 'Wedding' theme for a college assignment. I named it 'All things Pretty'. :)

I was all ecstatic when these pretty friends of mine asked me to do a wedding like themed shoot for them. I wore this pretty off white Gown made by one of my college mates, along with a net veil. The location was this lake kind of place near our college.


  1. Great shots!
    Now this is how the modern day bride should carry themselves :)

    1. Thanks Pranav! :)
      Yeah, totally! ^_^