Friday, 11 May 2012

The Sexy Affair

Helen (Helen Richardson Khan), a very fine actress and the most popular Item girl of her times, also called the 'Queen of Nautch Girls' has always been a pleasure to watch. There has been no item girl in Bollywood till date who could be better than her, at least that is what I think! Sensuous, Bubbly, Loud and yet Elegant, so was her persona.

I did a shoot which was 'Helen' inspired, for my friend Debjyoti Das (As I have mentioned earlier, find him here -
We did this shoot at my place, using this wall as a backdrop, where I have these LP Records stuck on the wall. And that was like perfect to add a peck of Retroism, along with the Guitar in the Background.
We used this shiny Sequinned fabric (borrowed from a friend) and draped it over another Sequinned dress of mine. And did a 70s inspired Hair do, used a Ear loop as Nose Ring (That hurt a lot, seriously) to show connections with the typical Indian Nautch. Also teamed it up with a huge Blingy finger Ring and this beautiful Tiara. (Was really happy to finally wear it and get clicked. :P)
We used no other jewels on the body apart from the above mentioned, to keep the look very sophisticated and minimal.
I stood barefoot, to emphasize the Sensuous element.

Debjyoti, the photographer and me. :P

Styling : Me and Debjyoti Das
Photography : Debjyoti Das

Sequinned Fabric : Borrowed
Sequinned Dress : Local Boutique
Tiara : Archies
Ear Loop (Used as Nose Ring) : Street Shop
Finger Ring : Splash

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