Friday, 13 June 2014

Young Years

I am a Graduate. Yes, a Graduate. 
Okay, Can I repeat that again! I AM A GRADUATE! :D

4 years just went by. Done. And now it's a new beginning. Though I have a rough plan in my head, I have already started to feel a little lost. Also, I never thought I would say this so soon, but I miss college. 
Good memories, not so good memories, sleepless nights, submissions, juries, and a batch full of lovely people. It's all over, but a new chapter has begun, and as they say life must go on.

Putting together a few pictures from my Convocation Ceremony.

Special thanks to Anamika Kumar for her gorgeous creation that I am wearing here. And Thank you Priyanka Lama for Makeup and Hair, you always save my life.

Photos : Anshu Shweta

Garment : Anamika Kumar
Boots : Romwe
Clutch : Toniq Accessories
Hand cuff : Street Shop
Lip Color : Hot Hot Hot by Colorbar

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