Friday, 8 February 2013

For Eva Danielle

So, here is a good news for all of you! :)

Eva Danielle, an international fashion brand from Miami, Florida will be opening their first store in India, this coming March, in Pune. :)

And guess what?! They are looking for a fresh new face to be featured on ad campaigns, billboards, and fashion shows all around India!
How exciting does it sound! :D

Contestants win the chance to be featured on a billboard, and there are other prizes too.
The contest starts this Saturday and lasts next two weeks i.e. 9th - 23rd February.

It's very easy to be a participant!

All you have to do is :

* Like their Facebook Page : Eva Danielle
* Submit the entry via Facebook message. Do not forget to write your name.
* Along with name tell them the reason why you wish to compete.
* Once you are notified that the picture is up, like the photo and start sharing.
* And then the one with the maximum numbers of Like and Shares wins!

Simple, eh? Yes, the challenge is simple - the person with the most shares and likes on their photographs wins.

The contest is set to start this coming Saturday and will only run for two weeks. :)

Eva Danielle

Razzle Dazzle Pickle on Facebook.

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