Wednesday, 20 February 2013

For 'Funky Dori' : Part I

I have told you guys about this brand called 'Funky Dori' here before.
Funky Dori has a very splendid collection of bright and beautiful jewelries. The collection has very pretty Earrings, Neck pieces, Rings, Bracelets and Pendants and a lot more that can brighten up your ensemble!

And now taking you to the pictures, I received a few beautiful jewelries from Funky Dori, a few days back. I am totally in love with the pieces, specially this neckpiece here.
Was so excited that I styled all the jewelries and finished the shoot in like 3 hours, thanks to my photographer for being so co-operative! ^^

Here I am wearing this beautiful Drama Neckpiece with a Navy Blue top and have wrapped around this gorgeous brocade fabric with Barouqe-ish motifs as a high waist skirt. I used this fabric for making a garment last semester And now this reminds me, I still have to put up a post about it. :D
And in footwear, I am wearing my black suede wedges, which completes the look.

Enjoy the pictures now! :)

View their collection here :
Facebook : :

Top :
Neck Piece : Funky Dori
Skirt : Fabric Draping
Wedges : Tibetan Plaza

Photography : Debjyoti Das

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  1. love ure high waisted skirt!! fab look

    1. Thank you so much! Though it's a fabric draped around like a skirt. ^^
      Glad you liked it. xx

  2. The outfit is something.............. Looking fab!

  3. Brilliant neckpiece. You look your stunning self. :)

    1. Hey, thank you so much Diksha, glad you liked the look! :)

  4. Your neck piece is to die for <3
    Amazing <3


    1. I know, totally in love with it! ^.^
      And thank you so much Megha! :)