Monday, 17 September 2012

Sometimes I feel so blue..

Hello all! =)

Hope you guys had a good Monday!  :|
Arrghh, for me it sucks completely! Makes me feel so blue and sick!
The only way to feel better is to dress nice! Don't you think so?! ^_^

Well, I simply fell in love with this black skirt, the moment I saw it! :)

I am wearing it as a maxi dress here, with my fav denim shirt.

Photography Credits : Debjyoti Das

Black Skirt (worn as a dress here) : Splash

Denim Shirt : Thrifted
Bag : Tibetan Plaza
Ring and Neck piece : Here and there


  1. Hi :)
    Just stumbled by your blog & I've gotta say, its amazing !
    Btw I'm your newest follower !

    1. Thank you so much Dayle! Means a lot to me. :)

  2. Hey! Just came across your blog, and loved it :)
    Welcome me as your new follower. :)
    Looking forward to more posts from your side!

    1. Thanks a lot Isha, really glad you stopped by. :)