Saturday, 3 November 2012

Out of the old closet

Hello people!
The weather in Bangalore is just lovely, it kept pouring heavily, non stop for like 3 days in a row, and now only yesterday sun came out for a little while! 

I love winters! A cup of coffee, cozy room, and the warm blanket!
Perfect  for one of my fav tracks - It's raining, It's pouring, the dark sky is falling..
Its so dull and moist around, I have been sleeping mostly, also because when college reopens on the 5th now, it will be hell lot of work again with no time to relax! :/

I went home for a couple of days, and what I love doing the most at home is raiding the wardrobes, the drawers and the closets!

Found this blue jacket that I bought somewhere in the 9th std, and to my surprise, it still fits me so well!

Well, I guess my habit of buying over sized clothes is quite old! ^.^

That is me grinning at the camera, new things in my wardrobe bring me so much joy! =D

A complete outfit post coming up soon! :)

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Photography Credits : Pratul Kalia