Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Wooplr Whoopee

Okay, so finally the post about 'The Woopathon' is here.

The event was hosted by 'Wooplr', a website that absolutely is unique and certainly makes shopping social.

It was a gathering of the Fashion Bloggers of Bangalore. 

The first place where we all met each other was at 'Avirate', at the Indira Nagar Store.
The store has a huge collection of Tops, Pants, Dresses and lingerie.
But what just blew my mind off was the accessory section. Such unique and unconventional pieces of jewels, Avirate is full of!

After a lovely introduction session, we took a fine look around the store and picked up a few things that we really liked and had a discussion about the same.
I must admit that I was pretty nervous in the beginning, as it was a first bloggers meet that I was going to attend.
But all of the bloggers and the Wooplr team as well as the store people were so friendly.

After everything was done with, we all were told about this Bliss Lounge, a part of Avirate, right next to the Store.
It was a small cozy place with beautiful interiors and chocolate aroma filled around, only thing that could take off Fashion and Shooping from everybody's mind for a while!

Then we all shifted to The Leather Boutique', another store located quite close to Avirate.
I am not much of a Leather fan, though after visiting the store, I totally am a fan of them in terms of color and design of the products they have.
The store, owned by Zeeshan and Jayanti, has an extensive collection of Jackets, Bags, Envelope bags, footwear and accessories.

All of us shared so much, had a variety of discussions with the wine, video shoot and also the photo shoot with the dramatic props.

We were running late according to the given schedule, given so much we all had to talk about!
So, we moved on to our final stop, Medici, a French-Italian restaurant, again in Indira Nagar. We were welcomed by the Manager and the lovely staff, with a special menu for the day, for us! I am not a foodie at all, but the food in Medici was simply heavenly! 
Cannot wait to visit again.
The kiwi Mocktail, with the Rosemary Scented Chicken and Chocolate fondant, everything was so tempting!

And after this, we called it a day.

The event was surely a success as all the bloggers had such a pleasant time and bonded so well, thanks to Wooplr. :)

Here are a few pictures:

At Avirate

At The Leather Boutique

At Medici

Razzle Dazzle Pickle at the event. :)

Black Skirt (Worn as a maxi dress here) : Splash
Jacket, Bag and Neckpiece : Tibetan Palaza
Kolhapuris : Lifestyle Store

Do log in to Wooplr, to know about some great shopping places around, and also to share your shopping finds.
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  1. That does not look like A Skirt at all...Nice!! also like those glasses on you.