Saturday, 9 March 2013

Razzle Dazzle Pickle for 'Kiosha'

In today's time, where we have a zillion of online fashion portals, it gets very confusing and difficult to spot the good ones. There are no doubt tons of products showcased on these websites but you hardly find something that strikes you at the very first look!

And then I came across this website called 'Kiosha' and was surprised that it has such great products and that I never knew about it.

Kiosha is the brain-work of 2 sisters, Poornima and Pallavi, from Delhi. They have this wonderful collection of very chic and lovely accessories, clothes, footwear and much more.
What I loved the most was their collection of Bags, the Clutch Bags. I absolutely fell in love with the colors. :)

They have a wonderful collection of accessories and scarves too!
And the pretty dresses are so perfect for the spring time!
Kiosha is no doubt the place where you will find the right mix of Color and Trend!

The products are available at a very affordable prices and they are very quick with the delivery, so you won't have to wait much long to see the pretty things you order!
What else do you want! :D

Here are a few products that I loved from their collection, and I am sure you will too!

Do visit the website and you will surely find something that you will adore. :)

Kiosha :
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An outfit post coming up soon! :)
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