Sunday, 12 January 2014

Interlaced Love

I have been thinking about how these outfit posts have become a little monotonous maybe, no? And then while thinking of the next post I thought maybe I should start sharing my work with you guys, that would be a fine idea. Specially a lot of DIY jewelries and other products that I make now and then for various college projects. :)

Under the course of Textile Design, we are taught a various techniques like Tie n Dye, Batik, Knotting, Braiding etc. And these are a few products that I made 
last semester, under 'Non-Loom Techniques' module, combining 'Knotting', 'Braiding', and 'Beading'. 

Technique : Josephine Knot

Technique : Beading

Technique : Braiding

Collection Theme : Contemporary is a Lifestyle

A collection consisting of 3 products, on the theme Contemporary, using various Non Loom Techniques.
Products : Headband, Earrings and Dressing Table Mat


Techniques Used :Pipa Knot with Bead and Tassels with Bead

Head Band

Techniques Used : Alternative Square Knot and Josephine Knot

Dressing Table Mat
Techniques Used : 3 Stand Braiding and Tassels


  1. Nice accessories... I love your hair style !

  2. The lip color is fab...u look gorgeous as always...:) which lip colour is it btw?

    1. Thank you Farha. :)
      It's 'Pink Crush' by Colorbar.