Friday, 7 February 2014

Water Of Life

So today I have made a small list of things that will help you lift up your mood/look! :)

* Lipstick.
Red lipstick, or maybe Pink for those who think red is too loud. I have timelessly mentioned what hot red lipstick does to my face and mood. Instant mood brightener it is! :)

* Compact powder.
I am not a big fan of everyday makeup, (maybe because I don't know much about it. :P)
But each time my face starts to look dull, compact really helps. Make sure you use the right one according to your skin tone.

* Refreshing Perfume.
There is nothing better than this one. Carry around your favorite perfume/deodorant. For fragrance awakens all the senses. Buy miniatures maybe, handy to put it in your handbag.

* Chocolate
Do I really need to talk about this! It is certainly one common mood enhancer.

* Music
An extraordinary mood enhancer, never fails. I cannot imagine life without music! Have you ever thought how we have tracks for each mood/situation that we go through in our daily lives? So whenever you feel low, just push the button! :D

So, this it it for now. Taking you the look now. Hope you enjoyed reading and will enjoy going through the pictures too. :)

Last year was quite wonderful as I worked with some of the coolest brands/names etc. One of them was Bhane.
I was invited to be a part of the shoot that took place in Bangalore. 
Such a wonderful team full of lovely people! :)

See the picture here if you haven't. (Yeah, I do look a little funny.) :P

And they were too kind to send me this chic top that I don on the website. I paired it with these distressed denims. Looks that I create very much depends on the mood that I am in, while planning the same. I have this weakness for Indian Ethnic, could just wear these pretty bangles and bindis each day. Oh yes, quite obsessed with Bindis lately. So, I decided to put on these neon sandals and stole and add a touch of Indianness with a bindi and bangles and jhumkas! I very much like how the look turned out to be. Adding the finishing touch to the look is the neon orange nail paint with the lip color.

Slit Back Tee : Bhane | Shop

Denims : Tibetan Plaza
Bag : Westside Store
Jhumkas and Bindi : Commercial Street
Sandals : Choies
Stole, bangles : Here and There
Lip Color : Colorbar
Eye Makeup : Oriflame