Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Another Rainy Day

Rainy Day. The joy of sipping on coffee by the side of your bay window. Staring at the rain droplets on your window pane. Standing in the balcony to feel that light drizzle touch your skin. This is how I have been spending this whole month. A new house, new curtains, new lamp, new candles, all this has kept me so busy, that I have almost forgotten about work. :P
And this post has been lying in my draft box for a long time now. A random unplanned post, with some pictures from the day's outfit and also some details of my house interiors. 

Creaking doors and windows, whistling winds, light drizzle, water droplets, cold floor, soft music, chaotic hurrying clouds, hot piping coffee, camera, funny poses and laughter. 
A glimpse of just another day. A rainy Day. Another Rainy Day. :)

Picked this printed top the other day from Bossini, at the Lifestyle Stores, during their Sale ReviewLounging around in this freakish hairdo and maxi skirt from Forever 21. Have a couple of bracelets and this DIY tassel earring complimenting the look.
Wearing my sweet Peach Crush on my lips. 

Printed Top : Bossini (Lifestyle Store)
Slit Maxi Skirt : Forever 21
Tassel Earrings : DIY
Bracelets : Toniq Accessories
Lip Color : Peach Crush by Colorbar

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