Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Sweet Surprises

Yes! The Nike Dunks are here again! And you will be seeing them for quite sometime now, it goes with everything I wear! (I know, I know! I say the same about almost every new addition in my wardrobe.)
And finally I am wearing a Midi Skirt. Lately it has all been about skirts, skirts and skirts. And Black, White and Grey. Must say, it is so much fun to look back and see the gradual evolution in your style and choices! So much fun! I don't really want to go into details right now, but sometimes while going through some old pictures, I am like what was I even thinking while creating this look!

Okay, I need to stop writing now, it is freaking late here and I need to chill with my dear photographer and the bestest friend who is in town, which of course you guys know via the Insta and Twitter feeds. You can only imagine what it feels like to see this person after 4 years, the person who has always been by your side through the thick and thin! The weekend was crazy, extended Birthday weekend, crazier than I imagined and planned, full of sweet surprises, my oldest friend arriving on my birthday being the sweetest one! :)

There, I made up for not being able to spend much time with you Shaggy, haha. ^.^

So, I was invited to the Max Fashion India to come take a look at their Autumn Winter Collection 2014. And I must say, I love how they keep improvising each time. I remember mentioning this in the last collaboration post with them, that how each time they manage to please me, and offer something better in terms of trends, fabrics and prints. Their Autumn Winter Collection, specially the Runway Collection is pretty good, with a lot Graphic prints and Greys and Blacks and Florals with some Lace and Sheer Fabrics. Here is what I picked from the collection, and I like how the monochrome looks so well with Floral Print. This Lace sleeve Jumper here is super comfy, can be paired with denims, pants, skirts, almost every bottom wear. I chose this Striped Midi skirt from Bossini to go along with the jumper. The dunks here add a very easy going touch to the look. School satchels are something that I have been obsessed for quite a while now, and it couldn't be better than a floral print. The earrings add a bit of femininity to the outfit.

Jumper : Max Fashion
Striped Skirt : Bossini from Max Fashion
Earrings : Max Fashion
Floral Satchel : Max Fashion
Shoes : Nike Sky Hi Dunks
Lip color : Hot Hot Hot by Colorbar

Max Fashion : Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

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