Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Just because I wanted to..

Hello all!

Has it ever happened to you, that when you have crazy amount of work, you want to SLEEP and when you have absolutely nothing to do, you get NO SLEEP! :P
Last night, I just couldn't sleep and had this enormous amount of energy wobbling inside me, and that was kind of annoying!

Anyway, I decided to utilise the time by dressing up and do the fav part : Pose!
I somehow had the whole emsemble in my head, so it didn't take much time.
Over here, I am wearing this 'Little Black Dress' that I first wore for my College Freshers (so exciting it was!) along with this light Denim Shirt which is one of my fav stuff in the wardrobe! :)
In footwear I chose to go with these black Oxford Shoes.

I am carrying this Grey Sling Bag which is again a fav of mine. The bag isn't in a good state now anymore. I wish I could use it each day, every day!  But alas! :/

I have put a Printed scarf on my head, tied in the 1940s style! Totally in love with the whole 1940s Scarf and Turban thing! 

Have been planning to make/ tie a few more, will put up the pictures and share. :)
And last but not the least, I am flaunting this Bib necklace that I made like a couple of days back, using Felt and Rhinestones. =D
The necklace isn't even complete and I still have to put a ribbon for tying. So during this shoot, I used DST to stick it on! :P

Will soon put up a post about it, once its complete! 

I also accessorized the same look in 2 other ways. 

I love these silver loops. I feel they go with everything! :P

And a locket that I used here is an Antique looking Locket that you can open. ( Photo Locket)

I remember I loved it so much at the first glance that even though I was almost broke, I still bought it! And then I was completely broke! ^_^

Photography Credits : Debjyoti Das (whatiamandwhatido.blogspot.com)
Thank you for such lovely pictures, each time! :)

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