Wednesday, 22 August 2012

And I start to trip and hallucinate..

Okay, So I wore an over sized striped shirt with a floral print stockings to college today and a friend of mine was like 'Oh, prints I see!' And that is when I thought I could totally do a post about it. ^_^

Prints are everywhere. Tops, Vests, Bottoms, Shoes, Bags, Socks, Stockings, think of a thing and it is already available in some cool prints!
If we talk about few prints in particular then 'Floral' is the one I am sure everyone has been going gaga about! Man, it makes you look pretty or what!
It somehow keeps coming back in trend scene each time and is always loved.
Almost everyone owns something with these beauty prints! Don't you?!

Another hit recently is 'Animal Prints'.
I was at the Debenhams Store like a few days back and I could see the place loaded with animal print stuff!
I totally adore the Swallow print shirts.

We also saw Kaleidoscopic Prints this S/S. Something new. Hm.

Stripes have always been here. Always.
Horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or it is mixed, anything is stripes makes you look trendy!

Look at these amazing prints by Nicole Miller!

Though you have to be careful about mixing stripes with other prints or other kind of stripes. Too much can completely ruin the whole look.

Here is what I wore. Not exactly too glamorous but very comfy. :D

Photography Credits : Debjyoti Das (

Over sized shirt : Thrifted
Floral print stockings : Only
Heart flip flops : Lifestyle Store
Golden Loops : Central
Bag and Ring : Street shop

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