Saturday, 6 April 2013

Razzle Dazzle Pickle for 'LimeRoad'

Isn't it easier and entertaining to shop if you flip through an online Catalogue/Magazine and discover beautiful things, looks and places to shop from?!

Well, LimeRoad is the place to visit then! is an online fashion portal like a lot of other websites around, but only LimeRoad is way more fun to browse through and also provides a wider range of products which include Clothing, Accessories, Bags, Home and Living, and FOOD too! :D

The USP is The LimeRoad Magazine.

It's very easy to go through the magazine as there are classifications to shop from a particular section, city or a brand!

Take a look here :



 Haven't you fallen in n love with the collection already?
I definitely have!

You can see the entire collection here.

Shop by Cities. || Shop by Brands.

And still the website won't fail to surprise you!
They also run a Scrapbook Program, that let's you see different looks, and ensembles that you can relate to.
And guess what, you can totally be a part of all this fun and connect to LimeRoad.

It's super easy, for every one month the participants are asked to create one look a day and for that they receive Rs.2500 to shop on LimeRoad.

Find out about the more here :

So yes, you are on a road to delightful discovery and LimeRoad is certainly
fun and exciting way to discover, share and shop! || LimeRoad on Facebook || LimeRoad on Twitter

PS : An exciting contest coming up tomorrow, take part and win this gorgeous pendant!

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