Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Razzle Dazzle Pickle for 'Romwe'

I am here with a new post and also a great news!
Mother's Day is coming! Remember buying gifts for your mom? I sure do, all of them!
The one that I remember and think of all the time, is a little heart I made out of fabric and cotton, when I didn't even know how to stitch! So untidy and raw it looked but I remember the tears in my mom's eyes when she saw it! :)

So, why not gift your mom something really special, for a mother is the most important and beautiful person in anyone's life! :)
And how can I forget mom's lipstick and pearls, couldn't keep my hands off them! ^_^

Also, I remember how my mom gets compliments on looking so young and beautiful, sometimes when out with my brother, people thought her to be his sister!

So why not dress up alike and wear similar clothes! And
make people believe that you are sisters when walking around the street!

Mother's Day is around the corner and Romwe will have a big sale promotion of Mother’s day with great discount up to 70% during April 25th to 27th!

So find your family fitted clothing: and place your orders!
Up to 70% off and a mystery gift!

Would love to know about your picks! :D

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