Sunday, 14 July 2013

I Choose To Be Happy

You already know the busy life that I have been living lately, and I hate it for only one reason that it stops me from shooting and styling and updating my blog often. And I really look forward to Sundays now. The weather has been absolutely lovely here in Bangalore lately. The wind, the smell of rain, layered clothing, cozy room, hot coffee, everything keeps me so lively!

Coming to the look now, I am wearing this top with my black maxi skirt. I love the chaotic print, the colors and commotion happening, it is all just so beautiful!
Teamed it up with my black wedges, orange sling bag and another recent buy, these teardop shaped golden earrings. I am in this 'Earring-Bracelets Phase' right now. Haven't told you guys about it, but I am a very phasic person. And when it comes to accessories, I totally get obssesed with a particualar one, like earrings for now, or maybe pendants, and thus discard the rest in my wardrobe for that period. :P
The blue belt adds a peck of another color here.

Have also been wearing a lot of hand cuffs and bracelets with daily looks, and I love these bangle sets that I received from Zovi.

And yes, I would love to what you think of the look! :D

And yeah, this is my wonderful photographer Debjyoti Das. :D
I am not tired of saying it and never will, that he is the one behind my blog, he is the one who takes these pretty pretty pictures of me and keeps me and the blog going! :)

It was his birthday recently, 1st of July, so yes, Happy Birthday, you have a long way to go! :)

Also, if you are thinking about his expressions here, then that's his DUDE-ish Face! ^_^

Bangle Sets : Zovi (Buy here)
Skirt : Splash
Top : Splash
Earrings : Lifestyle
Belt : Zovi
Wedges : Tibetan Plaza
Bag : Bata

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  1. haha.. his face :P belated happy bday to him

    love the blouse.. it's so funny :P

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  2. awesome!
    love how u've mix the black maxi with super colorful top!
    have a lovely week!

  3. Loving this look Ritu! Everything is so well coordinated!

  4. Wandered here via stylepile!And am glad I did!Love the combination of black with pops of color...looks very arty-chic!