Thursday, 4 July 2013

With A Smile On My Face

I have been meaning to write about a lot of things, but have had no time lately. There is so much to talk about, internship, people working with me, the bus journeys that I have fallen in love with, people who I see everyday in the bus, the beautiful weather here in Bangalore, I could totally write a book! Okay, I am kidding. :P

So I thought I would
write a small post today, no matter how tired I am.

And yes, my haircut, it grew back so quickly and I absolutely hate that phase, I am sure you know what I am trying to say, we have all had that experience, specially back in the school days right! Well, yes, I
am so obsessed with short hair currently.
Anyway, so I couldn't stand it anymore and got it chopped! Yet again! :D

Big thank you to my multi-talented friend and photographer, Deb and another friend, for bringing back joy in my life! Haha.

Here are the pictures, enjoy! :)

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