Friday, 1 November 2013

It's Time

Time Flies! Yes, I always think of it, every day, each and every day. I am sure even you find yourself in such situations when you look back and wonder the same. It's November already, another year is just around the corner. This time, this moment, this age, these friends, this lifestyle, all this won't be the same after sometime. Sure there are better and happier things to look forward to, but then it makes me sad that the only way to relive the past would be a stroll down the memory lane.
It was just yesterday that I joined college, made these new friends and discovered new things in life. I have stayed away from home since my 11th std, which somehow made me quite strong, but then there is nothing like college. College is the time when you discover yourself, learn things about yourself, others, life etc. These years have surely been a lesson in life, a very good one. Cultural's in the final year here is the time when all these thoughts come rushing in your head. Looking at the juniors and the batchmates and the teachers dancing along with them, you realise the bond that holds everyone, which keeps getting deeper and stronger each year. I have been through quite a few ups and downs during these college years, and thank god for these lovely people I have around me, who would never let me down and always make my life easier.

I am dedicating this post to all my friends and acquaintances in college and each batch mate. Would like to thank them for being so wonderful and kind to me and to each other. This journey which has almost come to an end, was beautiful and memorable and I shall hold these memories in my heart, forever and ever! 

Also, I wish you all much happiness and luck and love in the future. 

Coming to the look, this is what I wore for the Cultural's. Had been planning the ensemble for quite sometime. 
I LOVE Indian ethnic, have said that on Facebook like a zillion times by now. This festive season is something that I really look forward to, for the same reason. Picked this ready made blouse from Commercial Street, hectic hunt I must mention. Being a textile student, I often visit RC Puram where one can find all kinds of fabrics and garments too. During my last visit I found this left over piece from the saree roll, which I bought for a very good price. Finally made a skirt out of it, after all the waiting. I chose this flourescent green dupatta to brighten up the entire ensemble, attached these pretty tassels to tone down the color. Wearing my comfy studded kolhapuris, which I just do not want to stop using. Oh, did I tell you how easy it is to make a bindi with the liqid eyeliner! :D 

Complementing the entire look are these gorgeous earrings from Mjuri. This lovely senior of mine, Namrata Patel owns the brand, was too kind to gift me two pairs from her collection. The earring are crafted out of brass sheets and has a few drop down chain links and tear drop shaped discs. I somehow love the sweet noise it makes and not to mention that these easily go with any western attire too! 

Here is a little about the brand :

Mzuri was born out of the love for design and detail to bring a collection that's perfect for the new-age nomad. Crafted by talented artisans from Kenya, the collection focuses on a motto of giving you 100% handmade products. Each piece carries a story to tell and takes inspiration from a rich cultural diversity. Young and contemporary, each design is evolved and crafted to present you with a profound respect and need to value a diminishing art. The Mzuri collection stays true to it's name, by giving you something 'beautiful' today.

You can check the entire collection here : Mjuri Handmade Jewellery
Visit Namrata Patel's lovely blog : Namrata Noted

Special thanks to Pankhuri, Neeti and Priyanka, for helping me out with the outfit. :)

And Gaurav, thank you for being so patient and supportive during shopping. :D


  1. A modern and contemporary adaptation of indian ethnic wear! Very the color mix and your signature styling :)

  2. An avantgarde approximation to the indian costumes! :)

  3. Loved the skirt!