Friday, 15 November 2013

Make Your Way

There comes a phase when you start to let go of things, (or at least try), when you realise the importance of time and other tiny things in life.
Well, I am definitely there, could be because I am growing old now. :P
 I have been very busy, random, outgoing, lately, since a few days, or maybe months I would say. 

So today I am making a list of things that you should start doing in order to enjoy your life to the fullest. Hope you enjoy reading! :)

* Love Yourself.

* Dress up everyday, world seems even more beautiful. 

* Be Random, be spontaneous, have fun!

* Spend more time with people that you usually don't hang out with, you will discover new friends.

* Make sudden plans, and go for it!

* Go out, find new places, meet new people.

* Say what you have in your mind/heart, just say it! That moment is never going to come back, ever!

* Do what you feel like, of course something that wouldn't hurt someone in anyway, or damage things. (Rational-Irrational Balance)

* Thank each and everyone, who does something for you, be it anyone, from a waiter to your friends/family, everyone.

* Exercise regularly, something that I have been trying to fit into my erratic routine. You will start to love yourself.

* Be kind to everyone around, forgive and love, life is too unpredictable.

* Give free fashion advice to people, without offending them! Haha. 

* Never regret anything that you did, you did it because you wanted to, right!

 * Apologize when you know it's your mistake.

*  Enjoy music, music is indeed the best medicine. 

* Dance or join self defense classes, makes you confident.

* Read, read and read, you get to learn so much.

* Love your Parents and Siblings, they have done a lot for you and they are always going to be there for you.

* Thank the universe for keeping you safe and happy. Show gratitude.

All this that I write here is something that I do or have been trying to do and incorporate in my life, very simple things, but then something that we all forget to do often. :)

This entire ensemble is created with pretty things from Myntra
Wearing this gorgeous Maxi Dress which is just so Fairy Tale like. Given that I put comfort first, I absolutely love Maxi dresses, so relaxed and gorgeous at the same time!
The dress here has studded stones on the shoulder strap which makes it a perfect evening wear. Paired it with t strap flats, that are so gracious and easy going. It goes with almost everything, jeans to skirts to dresses. These gorgeous bead earrings with silver danglings finish my look here. 
Tried something new with my hair, isn't really visible in the pictures. :P
This is one of my favourite looks so far, for it's got a lot of things I love, Black, Maxi Dress, Dangling Earrings, Stones, Flats etc.

Black Maxi Dress : Myntra (SHOP)
Flats : Myntra (SHOP)
Drop Earrings : Myntra (SHOP)

Hope you enjoyed the post and the song, it's been on repeat since ages now. :)


  1. I was in a deep thought at every single 'tip' on the list.. thanks for sharing :) and maxis always suit you well ^.^


    1. Thank you Vishakha, glad you liked the post. :)

  2. Best post yet ..not coz of the pics, but the writings :)
    Regret part is my fav..I always try to think that way :)

  3. Lovely pictures. Really looks like a fairytale.

    And loved the song!

    1. Thank you. And yes, lovely song this one is. :)