Monday, 12 August 2013

Chaotic Love

It's a chaotic world we all live in!
Personal life, professional life, work, love, family, a zillion of issues to deal with.
But amidst all this comes a phase, where you learn to let go of things, prioritize them, and move on, no matter what!

A lot has been on my mind lately. It would probably take a few posts to finish it all! I would love to sit down and jot it all down someday.

I think I am going to start writing a journal regualrly, just like I used to when I was in school! It does help in calming down the inner chaos, the emotional turmoil.
I strongly believe it does!  :)

Photography : Debjyoti Das (thatPhotographerwithHeadphones)

Wearing this Vintage Floral Dress, which is from this new brand on Choies, called 'Elf Sack'!
Love the fabric, and the huge floral motifs, and the sleeve pattern is my favourite.

Teamed it up with a Black Blazer, and Orange Sling Bag, and a Golden Cuff. In footwear I am wearing these spiked sandals. A very casual look here, hope you enjoy it.

I also wore this dress to Bangalore Fashion Week 9th Edition W/F 2013, a few days back. :)

Dress : Choies (Buy HERE)
Bag : Bata
Sandals : Ginger
Blazer and Cuff: Tibetan Plaza


  1. Loved it !!!Ur haircut is simply awesome !

  2. sandals from where ?/ ..where can i find ginger sandals in delhi any idea ?

    1. Hey, Sandals are from Ginger. You will find the collection in any Lifestyle Store. :)