Monday, 22 October 2012

Bass raise

Hello there! :)

This post is again about music, as I mentioned in the old post.
Now this time I need some help. My photographer Debjyoti Das, who also happens to be a talented DJ, has taken part in the NH7 Dub Station Stage DJ Set Contest, and if he wins, he gets to play at this event, which is going to great for him, and he really deserves to win this. (Listen to the set, and I am sure you will love it.)

So guys, please go this link (or play it here) -  and PLAY, LIKE and also leave a COMMENT, please do play the set once.
All this shuts down on the 24th of this month, and to be picked up by the judges, he has to be in the top 5 on the 24th, and for that you guys need to be super quick! 

And do spread a word about it.  
Hate to be a pest, but do it NOW!  :D

Debjyoti Das : My entry for NH7 Weekender Dub Station Stage DJ Contest.
"A mix tape full of crazy LFOs, loops, vocals and heavy bass and sub-bass lines."
Do comment, like and share if you like the set and if you don't post feedbacks but still like and share to support my mix tape in this DJ Contest.
** Need tones of PLAYs and LIKEs and TWEETs ** 

So guys, please support and show some love.

Peace and Love. :)

Upcoming post about my new buys, soon!
Keep it dazzling till then. :)

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