Tuesday, 2 October 2012

I just got a little more famous!

I have been meaning to put up a post about this website since really long and haven't exactly got time. Its a website where you can upload pictures of your unique shopping finds and share them with the other wooples. (Yes, that is what you are called being a member there. :P)
I absolutely loved the idea when I first heard it! There is no such other website around for sure! 
Do take a look : wooplr.com

Though the website is strictly by invites, so you won't be able to figure out much here.
Also, check out their blog : blog.wooplr.com

Here are few of the recommendations that I have made there.

And I am totally excited today, because I have been featured on the website's blog for the week! ^_^

Wooplr is for sure changing the way we shop in, and surely giving it a new dimension! Because its a super easy and fun way to connect with people sharing their taste in fashion, food & drinks, or be it collectibles or home decor!

They also hosted our fresher's this time, and organised a Woople hunt here at NIFT,Bangalore.
(You can check out more about it here : http://blog.wooplr.com/woople-hunt-at-nift-bangalore

And now, here are a few pictures of what I wore! :)

Photography Credits : Debjyoti Das

Pants : ONLY
Shirt : Thrifted
Shoes : ASOS
Bag : Tibetan Plaza
Ring : Commercial Street
Belt : Splash

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Keep it dazzling! ^_^


  1. i read the post on wooplr.
    You look really good, and i love your sense of style :)


  2. I love your footwear:) and those glasses suit you.

    Eccentric Connoisseur

  3. You're so pretty :) I'm a new follower btw. And I love that bag!

    1. Thank you so much Dayle!
      Thanks for following and such lovely comments! :)

  4. fabulous work....u luk awesome ritu,what a change gal frm school to now,m amazed really amazed,keep up the gud work n wish u all the luck 4 future !!

    1. Thank you! Wish the same for you. :)