Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Rise of Oversize

Hello there! :)

I write this post with so much joy! Because the over sized is back, it is going to be in this autumn looks!
It was one of the most popular trends in the 50s and the 60s, Classic I would say! 
And Classic never fades away, so join me and rejoice the return on oversize! 

Be it pants or blouses, now they all are big with super comfortable fabrics that fall down so prettily!
We all have been smitten by those comfy ans stylish Boyfriend pants and the full blazers, not to forget the wide legged pants! So, thanks the men, because it all comes from their fashion! :P
And it is not only clothes, we are seeing a lot of over sized jewels too, specially the super hot ear cuffs! Check out my Facebook page here to take a look! 

And how can we forget the over sized sun glasses, they have been here for a long time now! 

So, ladies, its time to believe again in the old style mantra : The most comfortable to your own is the most appropriate for you".

Here I am wearing an over sized Sweater with my 'just can't get enough' of  black maxi skirt! With these pretty socks, I bought like a few days back! =)

Photography Credits : Debjyoti Das
 A new post coming up soon, about my new love! =D

Till then, keep it dazzling! :)

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