Monday, 29 October 2012

Timeless Classic

I have been obsessed with pretty collar and bib necklaces for a while now. Love how these can totally dazzle up any plain ensemble and make it look so lively.

I made a Collar necklace a couple of days back and was so excited to put it up and share it with everybody.

And to decide the complete ensemble to put the necklace with, I opened my wardrobe and my eyes stopped at my darling, the high waisted skinny denims. And within the next few seconds I had the entire picture in my head.

I decided to wear it with the eternal classic combination : Blue Jeans and White T shirt!
Ruffled shoulders surely look very bold and the lace at the back of this top adds a touch of femininity.
I am wearing a red belt to perk up the look.
I chose these black wedges in footwear that I bought recently which are absolutely my new fav and I feel they go with everything I wear! :D

White and blue combination with black and a peck of a bright color always works wonder!
So next time you have to dress up hassle free and yet chic, you know what all to put together! :)

I would love to know what you guys think of the denim collar necklace! :)

PS : Debjyoti Das, my fav photographer is not around and for the very first time, this friend of mine Pratul clicked the pictures for me, and wow, haven't the pictures come out well?! =D
I had so many good ones that I couldn't decide which one to chuck out, so here is an entire gallery of pictures! :P 

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Till the next post, keep it dazzling, as I always say. :)


  1. great DIY , such a cute necklace! :)

  2. omg, these are amazing pictures. And that outfit is amazing.