Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Like a Retro Pop Song

Happy New Year people! =D

Hope it is a wonderful start for everyone today!

Mine absolutely was, a brilliant one! I got my first ever payment as 'DJ D's PR!
(Yes, the one who is my photographer. We make a superb team!) :D
 And now talking about what today's post is about, the very first post of the New Year, year 2013.
We all survived, didn't we! :P

I have been meaning to post these pictures since so so long!

Before I take you to the pictures, here is a little how and why.
For one of my subjects in college, called 'Print Design Project', we were supposed to develop prints and then end of the semester, make (or outsource) 2 products! And based on all the research and client study and blah blah, I finally developed a few prints and chose one which I liked the most!

I got 2 crop tops stitched out of the printed fabric!
And today, I present to you, one of the them. (Second one to come up very soon!)
I m so obsessed with this one! Could wear it like everyday!
Have already worn it twice! ^.^

And to wear along with the crop top, I chose my fav Boyfriend Pants with a red belt, along with a black blazer.
To add a peck of Retro-ism, I have tied a scarf on my head, in the very 1940s style. In footwears, I am wearing my black wedges.

The print

 Special thanks : Sarthak Sinha and Mayank Saini 

Wouldn't have been possible without you guys! :)
Photography Credits : Debjyoti Das

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  1. Happy New year. love the OOTD :)

    1. Thank you! :)
      And Happy New Year to you too! :)

  2. Wow...You are my favourite! Love the whole look...and that top is just awesome...so are the loose pants...wow!


    1. Thank you so much Rupa! =)
      You are too kind! :)

  3. LOVE your outfit! Specially the boyfriend jeans!!!

    1. Thank you Anupriya! :)
      I know, I love these boyfriend pants! =P
      And Happy New Year to you! :)